Clenching Associated To Negativity


There are various meanings of the term clenching. It can be a verb pertaining to grasping or gripping tightly or it can also mean pressing tightly together. This term is usually associated with excessive grinding of teeth or excessive clenching of the jaw.

People clench some parts of their bodies to express a certain emotion. Clenching of the fist may express anger while clenching of jaw or teeth may express stress, anxiety, or annoyance.

Clenching can damage the teeth which may lead to sensitive teeth and tooth decay. It may cause harm because the jaw was designed for chewing and not merely for clenching. Some people may experience clenching their teeth from time to time.

Occasional teeth grinding leading to clenching does not usually cause harm but when teeth or jaw clenching recurs on a regular basis. The teeth can be damaged and health problems can arise. As an outcome, clenching can cause degeneration in the joint.

Clenching Distress

Some people have maximum tolerance to stress while some are affected easily even in little things that may be senseless to others. The latter most of the time are affected by stress that may be a factor causing clenching. Aside from stress, there are still other aspects such as anxiety, posture, ability to relax, diet, and sleeping habits that may trigger clenching.

Fear is a normal response but when it becomes so intense it causes great distress that may lead to a serious problem that needs to be given a solution. Some people can easily deal with their emotions, but some don’t know how to cope with stress effectively.

When you feel stressed and unaware that habitual clenching can’t be prevented, it is best to know yourself and should know how to cope with negative emotions. Physical exercise is an excellent remedy for mild or moderate distress as well as interacting with other people to keep you busy. Be conscious of what you eat and drink.

Sugar substitutes such as Aspartame or caffeine Preserved packaged meats contain preservatives and other chemicals can be toxic to some people and cause anxiety symptoms. Avoid alcohol and unprescribed drugs. Learn how to deal with stress and be optimistic that no matter how big or small the problem is there will always be a solution.

Rule Out Clenching

Life is full of ups and downs. Not every day is a fine day. There may be bad times out of unpredicted situations, but there will always be a bright day ahead if you will just learn how to appreciate every blessing in life. Whenever there are times that stress is just around the corner, learn to deal with your emotions. Try to relieve stress by meditating. This will help eliminate all the bad vibes in life.

Most importantly, maintain a healthy lifestyle to help manage stress such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough hours of sleep. Having a healthy lifestyle will help you manage periods of high stress.

Try to hang out with optimistic people; they can give sound advice over problems. Start ruling out the clenching distress because there are a lot more beautiful things life can offer.