5 Ways On How To Stop Clenching Your Jaw


Clenching your jaw is something that you do not consciously do. You will probably mostly notice is as you are having a heated argument, or when you are staying up all night to study and are running on pure caffeine or when you are stressed. However, this makes it an even bigger problem, as there can be some serious consequences if you do not put an effort to stop doing it.

Here Are Some Steps On How To Stop Clenching Your Jaw:

  1. Be Aware That You Are Doing It!

This is the first and foremost step to stop clenching your jaw. Most of the time, it happens without us knowing it, but nothing changes the fact that it is an action that we do.

Take particular note that it is common for jaw clenching to happen when you are under stress, experiencing anxiety, frustration, or anger. So remember when you are under these circumstances and be conscious of what is happening with your mouth. Left unchecked, it could become a habit that will be very hard to break, just because you have never been conscious of doing it.

  1. Avoid Food And Drinks That Have A Lot Of Caffeine

We have already established that clenching often happens when you are in a state of anxiety or similar. Having caffeine in your system switches your nerves to overdrive, making the situation much worse. As much as possible, avoid chocolate, sodas, and coffee- all good yet all bad for those of us who suffer clenching.

  1. Don’t Chew On Pencils, And Try To Forego Gum

Chewing on pencils which, under normal circumstances, should not be eaten and digested will only reinforce the habit of jaw clenching. Chewing gum also holds similar problems, making use put more force into chewing without actually anything.

  1. Keep Your Teeth Apart

This does not mean walking around with your mouth wide open. The quickest trick that will help you immensely on how to stop clenching your jaw is positioning even just the tip of your tongue between your upper and lower front bites.

This makes you a couple of times more conscious about clenching your jaw and makes the habit that much easier to break. Keep your jaw relaxed, with your lips together and your teeth slightly apart.

  1. Use Equipment

If your jaw clenching becomes worse, a doctor may recommend wearing mouth equipment to help stop it. These are commonly splints, mouth guards or mouthpieces, or bite guards. These are kept in your mouth, most of the time during your sleep, in order to stop you from clenching your teeth. However, I have met even doctors who wear them during the day if their case is worse than usual. It may become slightly difficult to speak, but you eventually get used to it.

It really can get much worse if you do not take care of it, and may even affect the bones and muscles of your jaw themselves. You may even have to wear braces! Do yourself and your mouth a favor and make sure to stop yourself if you ever catch yourself clenching your jaw.