Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


All You Need To Know About Mouth Guards And Their Usage.

Mouthguards have been a part of our lives for quite some time now, but most people still don’t know what they are or how they work. Well, in this article we’re going to tell you all about mouth guards. Mouthguards are small rubber (or any other material that is soft) mouthpieces that allow your mouth to stay safe from injuries from teeth grinding or any other thing.

When Talking About Mouth Guards There Are Three Main Types That We Need To Know About:

Stock mouth protectors are pre-made, and they are ready-to-wear whenever you want. The sizing is predefined, and they are not even that expensive you can find it at any departmental store very easily for a small price. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to try hard when adjusting them. They are bulky, hard, and only if you’re lucky you’ll get the right size. Being a dentist myself, I would never recommend these.

Boil and bite mouth protectors are slightly better mouth guards that can again be found at any sports store very easily. They are slightly better regarding sizing than the stock mouth protectors. These boil and bite mouth protectors are made especially from thermoplastic for the purpose bestowed in their name. You can boil it in hot water very easily; this is what softens it, after that all you have to do is apply pressure with your tongue and fingers, and you’re good to go.

Custom-fitted mouth protectors are the ones that are made exactly according to what your dentist says. The first thing that your dentist will do is take a sizing impression of your teeth to determine the exact size of your teeth. For such a sizing they use the special material, and this special material can help you adjust better to the custom-fitted mouth protectors better than any other mouth guards.

Usually, mouth guards only cover up your teeth, but for some special cases (like if you wear braces or some other dental appliance), your dentist will provide you with a mouth guard especially for the lower jaw. Your dentist knows your teeth better, so he will choose the best mouthguard himself. The best mouthguards are soft and light; they don’t affect your speech or injure your gums. As a matter of fact, you won’t even notice them when you have them in your mouth.

Most of the time, these mouthguards are provided to children or adults that have the problem of teeth grinding at night. Teeth grinding can result in bad teeth, and that reflects a bad look.

Do I Only Need A Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding?

Mouthguards can be used by anyone at any age and no, they are not limited to teeth grinding. You can use them in sports like ice hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and even cricket. However, even if your sports don’t have a risk in their sport can wear is just for stability. Some people are so afraid that they’ll hurt themselves that they fail in excelling at their favorite sport. This is where these mouth guards can help.

Mostly adults and children use it at night time while sleeping to prevent their bad habit of teeth grinding but with the help of the nocturnal plate inside; it’s alright.

So Why Use A Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding In Sports?

  • These mouth guards are used in sports to prevent any accidental damage that can happen at any time. Would you like to smile with teeth chipped out or broken? Or maybe a lip injury that may make you look horrendous? Of course not! No one wants that. Get a mouth guard for such times and you’re good to go.

Are These Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding Or Can I Wear Them With Braces?

  • Well, yes. Obviously, injuries can occur even if you have an appliance or braces fixed in your mouth and these cases, you can get hurt even worse. This is why a fixed mouth guard can help you stay safe. For this mouth guard, you need to contact your dentist or orthodontist who will get it especially made for you. The thing to remember: Never wear an appliance or braces if you’re part of an extreme sport because in such situations damage can be more severe.

How To Take Care Of Your Mouth Guard?

We know that your mouth guard for teeth grinding is very important to you, so we lined up a few points that will help you in taking care of your mouthguard.

  • Always rinse your mouthguard with clean water. Also, clean it with a toothbrush when you’re done using it. This is perhaps the best thing that you can do to maintain sterilization and hygiene.
  • Cool soapy water should always be used to clean it when it’s not in use. You can dip it in that soapy water easily.
  • Once the cleaning process is done, you can put it in a hard container. Remember that this always needs to be firm. This is what stops air from entering. If it’s made out of acrylic material, always keep it in clean water.
  • Remember the fact that mouthguards are made of semi-solid materials which means they can change their shape when in contact with high temperatures. To prevent a shape change, always make sure you keep them at the right temperature.
  • Always keep a close eye on your mouthguard. If by any chance you suspect a shape change or damage from any side, replace it. Always use the right mouthguard.
  • Whenever you visit your dentist, tell him about your experience with the mouth guard. Also, specify the problems if they exist. Also, always bring the mouthguard to the dentist whenever you visit, this allows the dentist to have a better look at things.
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