Can TMJ Be Cured Naturally?


TMJ or temporomandibular joint functions as the sliding hinge that attaches your skull to your jawbone. TMJ disorders may cause a lot of pain in the muscles and in your jaw that is usually affected by jaw movements. Can TMJ be cured naturally or must need medical procedures? Do not worry, for there are lots of simple and natural ways that can eliminate the pain.

Diminish Your Stress

Experiencing stress is the primary cause of teeth grinding, so if you want to know if it is possible that can TMJ be cured, then better relieve yourself from too much stress. You may do that so by meditating, exercising, or going to stress counseling. Besides that, here are some simple ways to eliminate your everyday stress:

  • Stay away from any main sources of your stress. For example, if your terrible relationship or unbearable roommate stresses you out every day, then maybe it is now time for you to get rid of these negative sources and move on with your life.
  • Try to sleep at night and wake up at the same time every day. This might be able to provide more energy to last you the whole day.
  • Go out and have fun with your friends. Make sure you have time to be silly, laugh, and maybe do nothing with the whole group. This may unwind your tired mind.
  • Eat a proper diet. Consume healthy foods every day, and that will help you feel less irritated.

Eliminate Caffeine From Your Diet

  • Stay away from drinking energy drinks, coffee, and soda and avoid eating too much chocolate as well. Caffeine is a natural stimulus, which can make it hard for you to relax and rest your jaw muscles and your mind, especially during nighttime.

Stay Away From Alcohol

  • Alcohol is a natural depressant, which makes it impossible for you to sleep throughout the night healthily. Jaw clenching has a tendency to worsen after consuming alcohol at night. Even though alcohol can make you sleepy quickly, you may experience restless sleep, which may lead to an increase in teeth grinding.

Avoid Chewing Non-food Products

  • Avoid doing habits that may be related to stress especially those that may be associated with your mouth activities. One example is you may be likely to chew on pens or pencils when you are stressed. You must avoid these bad habits at all costs. If eliminating this can be hard for you, try sucking on a candy mint or try to chew gums whenever you feel you need to.

Discipline Yourself Not To Clench Jaw Throughout The Day

Relax Your Body And Mind Before Going To Bed

It is essential to decrease stress before you sleep at night so that you will be more relaxed all throughout the night and will prevent you from grinding your teeth. Here are some ways on how to relax at night:

  • Massage your muscles in your shoulders, face, and neck.
  • Use a warm washcloth and put it on your face.
  • Turn off all bright light, television, and computer an hour before bedtime to relax your senses before sleeping.