Easy Solution to Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching at Night


TMJ disorders are getting more and more common day by day and today we’re going to talk about some of the problems here. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding are two joint causes due to TMJ disorders.

This is because of the undue pressure they cause on the jaw joint which makes the person repeat this cycle when he doesn’t even know it to prevent the pain. Jaw clenching at night is one of the most common things that people do to disfigure their teeth. In some of the cases, TMJ causes just mental stress and no physical stress.

Jaw Clenching At Night And Some Solutions

It is said that TMJ occurs to only people who are under stress. How does it work? Let us explain with an example. Bob is a hardworking man who has to feed a family of four and works hard to earn minimum wage. Naturally, Bob has a lot of stress on his mind which he doesn’t notice.

When he stresses at times, he does a certain number of things that reduce his stress. One of them being jaw clenching at night and the second being teeth grinding. Most people have a million solutions to this problem, but all of those solutions require patience. The most urgent and typical solution is to get a mouth guard, so your mouth stays protected at night.

Here some of the detailed things that you can do to reduce your teeth grinding and jaw clenching at night. They are very easy and will provide you with the help you’re looking for.

  • Relaxation techniques for Stress Reduction: There are plenty of things that you can do to reduce your stress such as Yoga, meditation, constructive visualization techniques, and much more. There are also stress management courses, but they usually take a lot of time. Biofeedback and acupuncture are additional ways to relax and lose all your stress. Some people also suggest going to spas and getting the message.
  • Better dieting to lose stress: There are a lot of things that you can do with your diet to help it affect your stress. Excluding products with sugar, caffeine, and excessive fats is a job one to do. Taking calcium tablets also with stress reduction and is something you should try doing.
  • Try sleeping on the back:  According to a study at the University of California, the majority of the people that use this sleeping technique get rid of the teeth grinding at jaw clenching problems at night. It seems like the process of sleeping on their back has improved their habit of teeth grinding go away.
  • Stay away from antidepressants: Some people are stupid enough to take these drugs thinking that when they reduce stress, they will automatically reduce teeth grinding. The studies, however, show differently. According to a recent study, these drugs make you stress-free at the day, but at night they increase the percentage of jaw clenching at night.

Some people have even hurt their jaws very severely just because of this problem. If you are going to take them anyway, we would suggest getting a mouthguard and wearing it as you sleep.

  • DO NOT try to resist teeth grinding and jaw clenching: If you are awake and you know that you are teeth grinding, do not start resisting the urge to do it as it will only worsen the problem; understand that the main thing that you really need to do for getting rid of such problems is to get rid of stress and resisting this urge will only provide you more stress. Again, if you think the problem is getting severe even during the day, wear the mouth guard even during the day.
  • Easy on the mouth guard: Since you have seen that all of the points focus on getting a mouth guard, you must have realized that doing this is very important for you. Go to your oral hygiene specialist or dentist and ask him to make you a custom mouthguard. This way you will feel more comfortable with it. There are also ready-made mouth guards, but they cause problems. So, rather not opt for those.

All in all, with these few tips and tricks you can eliminate jaw clenching from your life.